Our philosophy is simple; carry the hottest brands at reasonable prices.

Juno Surf Shop provides excellent customer service. It’s because of that philosophy that we’ve been around since 1964.

Family Owned Surf Shop

Juno Surf Shop opened in 1964 and is one of the oldest surf shops on the east coast. We are located in Juno Beach in Palm Beach County, Florida; only 1 block from the beach front, on Donald Ross Road and U.S. Hwy 1.

On-Line Surfing

We have taken the most popular items from our store in Juno Beach and made them available online. That way you can get your favorite gear and ship it to your beach fun friends.

Where are we?

We are located in the Juno Square Plaza on the corner of U.S. Hwy 1 and Donald Ross.

You can’t miss us we have a really big sign.

Ridden Waves

Seconds from the Beach

Surfing Since

Sunrises on the Beach

Jupiter Inlet Tide Chart – Surfer Central

October 1, 2016
2:50 AM Low9:24 AM High3:11 PM Low9:37 PM High
October 2, 2016
3:27 AM Low9:24 AM High3:11 PM Low9:37 PM High
October 3, 2016
4:02 AM Low10:38 AM High4:24 PM Low10:47 PM High
October 4, 2016
4:38 AM Low11:16 AM High5:00 PM Low11:24 PM High
October 5, 2016
5:13 AM Low11:55 AM High5:38 PM Low
October 6, 2016
12:02 AM High5:52 AM Low12:37 PM High6:19 PM Low
October 7, 2016
12:44 AM High6:35 AM Low1:24 PM High7:07 PM Low
October 8, 2016
1:32 AM High7:27 AM Low2:17 PM High8:04 PM Low
October 9, 2016
2:28 AM High8:27 AM Low3:15 PM High9:08 PM Low
October 10, 2016
3:31 AM High9:32 AM Low4:15 PM High10:09 PM Low
October 11, 2016
4:36 AM High10:34 AM Low5:14 PM High11:06 PM Low
October 12, 2016
5:38 AM High11:31 AM Low6:08 PM High11:58 PM Low
October 13, 2016
6:35 AM High12:23 PM Low6:59 PM High
October 14, 2016
12:47 AM Low7:28 AM High1:14 PM Low7:48 PM High
October 15, 2016
1:36 AM Low8:19 AM High2:03 PM Low8:37 PM High
October 16, 2016
2:24 AM Low9:10 AM High2:52 PM Low9:25 PM High
October 17, 2016
3:13 AM Low10:00 AM High3:42 PM Low10:14 PM High
October 18, 2016
4:03 AM Low10:51 AM High4:34 PM Low11:05 PM High
October 19, 2016
4:55 AM Low11:44 AM High5:28 PM Low11:58 PM High
October 20, 2016
5:51 AM Low12:39 PM High6:26 PM Low
October 21, 201612:55 AM High6:52 AM Low1:37 PM High7:30 PM Low
October 22, 20161:57 AM High7:57 AM Low2:39 PM High8:37 PM Low
October 23, 20163:02 AM High9:05 AM Low3:42 PM High9:43 PM Low
October 24, 20164:09 AM High10:09 AM Low4:44 PM High10:43 PM Low
October 25, 20165:12 AM High11:08 AM Low5:40 PM High11:36 PM Low
October 26, 20166:09 AM High12:00 PM Low6:30 PM High
October 27, 201612:23 AM Low6:58 AM High12:46 PM Low7:14 PM High
October 28, 20161:05 AM Low7:41 AM High1:28 PM Low7:53 PM High
October 29, 20161:44 AM Low8:21 AM High2:07 PM Low8:30 PM High
October 30, 20162:21 AM Low8:58 AM High2:45 PM Low9:06 PM High
October 31, 20162:57 AM Low9:35 AM High3:21 PM Low9:42 PM High

Click here for the Jupiter Inlet WebCam

The Shop in 1964

In 1964 Surfing was on the rise. The inaugural World Surfing Championship in Manly, Australia, was the first men/women world surfing competition.

The Shop in 1964

And the Juno Surf Shop opened their doors to provide this great water sport and lifestyle to all of the residents and visitors in Southeast Florida. As you can see, surf boards in 1964 had a much different look, size and style than today’s boards! Stop by and check out the history.

Tommy Talking Shapes

A great rocker and soft rails are perfect for the South Florida waves. Tommy was caught up in the thrill of the sport and the freedom it provides to the soul.

Tommy Talking Shapes

When you see the sunrise from sitting on your board and a set rolling in your way, there’s only one way to go, you deep deep and ride the glossy face and curling lip until you hang ten.

Taking Time To Surf

One of the perks is having to test the merchandise. Looks like this may take awhile…

Singer Island BEFORE Condos!

A great photo of the Singer Island coastline in the 1960’s or Singer Island “BC” (Before Condos).

Have a great day at the beach with our surf rentals

Visit our shop in person or our online surf shop for all of your surf gear, surf clothing and surfwear. We carry surfboards, sandals, Zap skimboards, bodyboards, boogie boards, skateboards, body boards, trunks, sunglasses, surf wax, surf leash, hats, and sunblock. Some of our most popular brands include: Birdwell, Hawaiian island Creations, Cobian, Rainbow, Anarchy, and Arsenal.

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